Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I)

The main driving force behind the economic and market growth of any business is its research and development plan. It keeps the company competitive in the market by adding new features to its existing product or by creating new products for its business. However, it is not as straight forward as it sounds because of the large financial bridge between idea generation and the product’s commercialisation.  This is one of the reasons most SMEs are not able to write their own R&D plan and infrastructure required to implement their plan. Another possible reason is the lack of thought regarding tactics for market ready products in the plan. For example, just 5% of active US patents result in a product and this is because of the exclusion of the market ready product.

Our Research, Development and Innovation plans support both the improvement of existing technology and/or introducing a novel technological solution for your business. The plan exclusively includes product development strategy which leads to the commercialisation of the product. This enables our clients to fulfil their business needs and results in substantial increases in their sales and employment.

We can help your business if you

Need gas plasma solutions for your research problems

Need a competitive edge to your business

Want to see an improvement in your existing product

Want to perform plasma based scientific studies

Pollutant Sensing

We offer tailored multi air/water pollutants detection and real time monitoring systems for the desired application using an industrial grading system.

Green Solutions

We deliver innovative plasma based-solutions to our clients, helping them find viable alternatives for today’s environmental challenges.

Air Plasma Systems

We can help you design, develop, test, and approve your atmospheric pressure plasma system for your desired target market.

Intellectual Property

Our expert can assess your Intellectual property portfolio, provide you with a thorough patent review and devise the best IP strategy for your project.

Technical Documents

We can help you in the preparation of technical reports including design reviews, risk analysis, and white papers.


We offer a great deal of support to our clients achieving their R&D goals through the development of a lab-based plasma systems.