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Looking for a Plasma System?

We offer great deal to support achieving your R&D goals from developing lab-based atmospheric pressure plasma system to the market ready products.

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Plasma Technology has endless opportunities.

Plasma technology is establishing itself in all areas of industry, and new applications are constantly evolving.

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Pollutant Sensors

We offer fully customizable air pollutant detection and monitoring system as per your need.

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Transform Your Green Vision into Reality

Plasma Technology has endless possibilities. Plasma technology is establishing itself in all industries, and new applications are constantly evolving. Plasma technology offers several versatile applications such as surface treatment, surface cleaning, disinfection, waste treatment, food processing along with many more applications.

Green Solutions
Boost your Success With Gas Plasma Technology

You will be well looked after at Plasma Green Tech. You will benefit from our expert services and many years of experience in the application, conception and construction of plasma systems. Our specialists will help you optimize your labor processes. Take advantage of our expertise and our unique product and service packages involving plasma treatment technology.

Our Services

Pollutant Sensing

We offer tailored multi air/water pollutants detection and real time monitoring systems for the desired application using an industrial grading system.

Green Solutions

We deliver innovative plasma based-solutions to our clients, helping them find viable alternatives for today’s environmental challenges.

Air Plasma System

We can help you design, develop, test, and approve your atmospheric pressure plasma system for your desired target market.

Intellectual Property

Our expert can assess your Intellectual property portfolio, provide you with a thorough patent review and devise the best IP strategy for your project.

Technical Documents

We can help you in the preparation of technical reports including design reviews, risk analysis, and white papers.


We offer a great deal of support to our clients achieving their R&D goals through the development of a lab-based plasma system.

Our Team (1)

We understand that no project can really succeed without a high performing team. We have a dedicated team of experienced scientists, engineers, and management professionals to achieve project goals.

Dr. Gurusharan Singh Gogna

Dr. Gurusharan Singh Gogna was awarded a PhD in Plasma Physics from Dublin City University. He is the founding Director of Plasma Green Tech. Dr. Gogna, has long recognised the capabilities of Plasma Tech based products in providing clean solutions to the factors contributing to air, water and surface borne infections.

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